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Sadaat A. Cheema - Chief Executive Officer
Sadaat Cheema started his career from hotel management in 1992. He has extensive experience in the local market and has worked as a consultant for various start-ups in the hospitality sector. Sadaat has a masters in business administration.

Contact: sadaat.cheema@theheritagegp.com

Sameer Iftikhar - Chief Operating Officer
Sameer Iftikhar started his career from banking and has worked with large regional banks on the consumer and corporate sides. Sameer obtained his MBA from Cardiff University in the UK.

Contact: sameer.iftikhar@theheritagegp.com

Usman Gillani - Director HR
Usman has over the course of his career worked in senior roles in HR, Journalism, end-to-end Recruitment, and as senior consultant to various Fortune 500 organizations. Usman obtained his MBA from the Lahore University of Economics.

Contact: usman.gillani@theheritagegp.com